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Disease Fact Sheets

The Snohomish Health District Communicable Disease Program investigates certain diseases to find the source of a disease or outbreak in order to stop any ongoing spread of illness. 

To ensure the health and safety of the community, when a contagious disease is confirmed in a place where people are in close contact (such as schools, daycares, and nursing homes), we follow up with the people who might be exposed to the disease as a result. 

For example, parents may receive a parent letter and a fact sheet outlining what to watch for should you or your child become ill. For some diseases, we also make phone calls or send text messages to ensure you receive any necessary preventative treatment.

Disease fact sheets

Thanks to vaccines, medical care, clean water, and safe food sources and handling, deadly diseases are more rare in Snohomish County than ever before. International travel and trade, however, mean contagious diseases are never far away. New diseases also pose a threat, as they can develop and spread rapidly.

Keep yourself healthy by learning about common communicable diseases, their symptoms, and how to prevent infection. The following fact sheets provide answers to frequently asked questions about specific diseases and conditions, including how each disease spreads, signs and symptoms, treatment, and prevention:

*Notifiable Conditions are diseases and conditions that are reportable to local public health authorities in Washington in accordance with WAC 246-101.

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Did you know?
Twenty-seven cases of measles have been reported in Washington state so far in 2014. Only 5 cases were reported in 2013.  Vaccination is the best protection from this highly contagious disease.