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Starting a Food Business

The Snohomish Health District wants to help you get your business up and running with all of the proper requirements to ensure your food establishment meets state regulations for food safety.

The multi-step plan review process helps ensure that your plans and equipment meet state and local health requirements before you begin construction of your business. Early communication with the Snohomish Health District is key to ensuring that costly mistakes are prevented and your business ultimately meets code requirements. Our Food Safety program performs plan reviews and pre-operational inspections for the following types of food establishments: 

  • New, remodeled, and reopened restaurants
  • Mobile food service
  • Food stand concessions
  • Limited grocery

Before submitting your restaurant or food establishment plans, make sure you also:

  • Contact your local building, planning, and zoning departments for additional requirements
  • Obtain your Washington State business license
  • Obtain water or septic/sewer approval

What Would You Like To Do?

Open a new restaurant

Change of ownership

(Exception: A Reopen Plan Review is required if establishment is closed, changing menu type, remodeling kitchen, or not equipped with a designated three-compartment warewashing sink.)

Reopen a former food service establishment

Open a mobile food vehicle

Open a food concession stand or push cart

Limited grocery plan

Remodel A Food Service Establishment / Revised Approved Plan

The plan review application must be submitted with all necessary documents, including the nonrefundable plan review fee. A checklist of these documents is provided for each type of plan review.

  • Do not purchase equipment or begin construction until written approval is obtained
  • Make an appointment for a consultation (highly recommended)
  • Applications are accepted by mail and in person Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm.

Application review and approval

  • Your submitted application will be reviewed to ensure that it is in compliance with state and local codes
  • Our goal is to review and respond to complete applications within 30 days
  • Notification of approval or request for additional information will be sent to the contact listed on your application 

Once you receive application approval, you will then need to verify the accuracy of the operating permit information and pay the annual permit fees. A copy of the approval letter will be sent to the Building Department and Washington State Liquor Board, if applicable. After the plan review is complete, and all approvals and permits are issued, you may start construction.

Pre-operational inspection

When construction is complete, contact the Environmental Health Division for a pre-operational inspection, which will allow the plan reviewer to verify that the facility is built according to the approved plans, and all state and local codes are met. Review the Pre-operational Checklist to see if you are ready.

No food storage or preparation is allowed in the establishment until after approval to open is granted by the Snohomish Health District. A small amount of food product may be allowed, if needed, for proper temperature verification on equipment (for example, soft-serve ice cream and yogurt machines).

Pre-opening inspection

  • Submit the food establishment operating permit application and permit fee.
  • Once received, post your permit in a location in your establishment that is conspicuous to consumers prior to opening for business WAC 246-215 Part 8 Subpart C 08350 (1)
  • Permits will not be issued until after the pre-operational inspection.

As most establishments require at least one follow-up inspection, we recommend that you schedule the first inspection with sufficient time for any deficiencies to be corrected and a reinspection to be conducted. Note that your plan review fee only includes one pre-opening inspection; all subsequent inspections will incur fees.

If your facility is found operating without pre-operational approval, you will be subject to enforcement action and additional fees.

Ownership and other changes

In Snohomish County, food establishment permits do not transfer to the new owner. After an ownership change and prior to reopening the business, the new owner will need to go through the plan review process and submit an application for plan review before a permit will be issued. The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 246-215-08310 requires ownership changes to take place 30 days before the date planned for opening a food establishment.

Snohomish Health District’s review and approval is required for many of your food establishment changes, including:

  • Construction
  • Conversion
  • Alteration
  • Remodel
  • Change of menu
  • Change of food preparation processes
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Did you know?

There are nearly 500 full-service restaurants in Snohomish County.