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Travel Vaccines

NOTE: Our immunization clinics closed on June 30, 2015. For additional information and travel resources, please view the Frequently Asked Questions.

Traveling to other countries can be risky. Children and adults planning international trips often need immunizations, medications, and counseling to prepare for hazards they may face outside of the United States.

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Traveling and health risks

If you are traveling in developing countries or rural areas, your risk of illness is higher due to differences in living standards and sanitary conditions, food and water safety, and immunization coverage. Some factors that determine your risk of illness while traveling include:

  • Location of travel
  • Length of stay
  • Style of travel
  • Overall health
  • Vaccine history

Staying healthy while traveling requires planning and preparation.  Educate yurself about food and water precautions or harmful insects you may encounter at your travel destinations.  Find out how to be ready for emergency situations.  Obtain specific information for travelers with special needs, including children and pregnant women, and those with illnesses such as diabetes.  For general information about recommended vaccinations and health advisories for the area you will be visiting, see

Some countries require travelers to present proof of yellow fever vaccine before entering.  Other countries have specific requirements, too. A travel consultation will ensure that you meet these requirements. 

Make sure you plan ahead, as some vaccines require a series of shots over several weeks. Do  you have travel insurance? Medical evacuations can cost up to $100,000. Also keep in mind that although common illnesses like traveler’s diarrhea might end shortly after your trip,  illnesses like malaria and rabies can emerge weeks or months after your return.

Travel consultations

A travel consultation will help to develop an individualized plan that protects you from the hazards associated with international travel.  It may include vaccines, medications, documentation, and information to ensure your health and safety when you reach your travel destination.  Bring the following information to your appointment:

  • Immunization records
  • Complete travel itinerary
  • List of your medications and allergies
  • Phone numbers for your primary care provider and pharmacy

Travel consultations and travel vaccinations are no longer available through the Snohomish Health District.  If you are planning international travel, check with your primary care provider to see if travel consultations are available.  If not, local resources for pediatric travel services include:

Pacific Medical Center (all ages)
1909 214th Street SE #300
Bothell, WA  98201

RediClinic at Rite Aid (18 months and older)
Now open in Arlington, Mill Creek, and Mukilteo.

Travel Smart (Pediatric and Adult travel vaccinations)
12728 19th Ave SE, Suite 300 (3rd Floor of the WWMG Medical Building)
Everett, WA  98208
Marina Furtado, MD, MPH, Founder, Medical Director

Tulalip Pharmacy (2 years and older)
8825 34th Avenue N, suite A
Marysville, WA  98271
Kelvin Lee, Director of Pharmacy
(open to the general public)

Many pharmacies provide travel vaccines for older children and adults. In Snohomish County, these resources include:

Bartell Drugs (5 years and older)
Travel Clinics in Alderwood, Edmonds, and South Everett

Safeway Pharmacy (8 years and older)  

QFC Pharmacy (9 years and older) 

Fred Meyer Pharmacy (7 years and older)



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Did you know?

Transportation-related injuries are the leading cause of preventable deaths among travelers.