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Refugee Health

The Snohomish Health District’s Refugee Health Program helps newly arrived foreign-born refugees that immigrate to the county by providing health screening and working closely with the Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program. 

All newly arrived refugees and asylees living in Snohomish County are eligible for screening. Your first appointment must be completed within 90 days of your arrival to the United States and includes the following:

  • Basic health screening interview
  • TB, anemia, communicable diseases, and vital sign screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Referrals for other health conditions

What do I need to make my first appointment?

  • Overseas Visa medical examination information 
  • Chest X-ray taken during Visa medical examination
  • I-94 card 
  • Passport 
  • Immunization records 
  • Medical coverage information, if available 

What can I expect at my first appointment?

  • Health screening interview 
  • TB test
  • Blood test for communicable diseases and anemia
  • Vital signs, check hearing and vision

What can I expect at my second appointment?

  • Answers to any questions 
  • Review of lab and TB test results
  • Vaccinations provided
  • Referral for a chest X-ray, if needed 
  • Referrals to community health care providers 

Refugee health screenings are by appointment and referral only. Please contact the Snohomish Health District for more information.

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Did you know?

More than 50,000 refugees relocate to the United States annually from all over the world.