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Diseases to report

We rely on health care providers, labs, and hospitals to help us spot disease trends and identify outbreaks. In addition to the diseases considered Notifiable Conditions by the Department of Health, it is vital that clinicians also report unusual clusters of disease or events that raise a level of suspicion, such as apparent outbreaks of food-borne or water-borne illness.

The state Legislature has an easy reference web page listing notifiable conditions along with the reporting time-frame requirements.The State Department of Health website has a Notifiable Conditions page including links to detailed disease references and investigation guidelines.

Providers are encouraged to print and post the flyers below, which include reporting timelines and contact information for Snohomish Health District:

How to report a disease

The Snohomish Health District has several programs for investigating specific diseases. Each program has different reporting requirements, including report forms that must be filled out and faxed to us. Do not email reports or patient information to us. To report a pregnant woman who tests positive for Hepatitis B surface Antigen (HBsAg) , see our Perinatal Hepatitis B page.

Communicable disease reporting

Contact the Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response program for all notifiable conditions, except TB, STD, and HIV/AIDS. This program also takes reports of animal bites when exposure to rabies is suspected (most dog, cat and rodent bites are low-risk and do not require reporting).

Please complete and fax the Communicable Disease Report Form and any accompanying lab reports to 425.339.8706. 

HIV/AIDS reporting

HIV/AIDS cases are reportable within 3 working days Complete and fax the HIV Reporting Form (PDF) to 425.339.8707. Snohomish Health District staff can assist in notifying spouses and sex partners or needle sharing partners of someone diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. We are also working with providers to offer pre-exposure prophylaxis to sex partners of people with HIV/AIDS.  Contact our HIV/AIDS program for assistance: 425.339.5261.

Sexually transmitted disease reporting

STDs must be reported within 3 working days. Complete the fill in form and fax the Confidential STD Case Report (DOC) to 425.339.8707. Snohomish Health District staff can assist in notifying sex partners of someone diagnosed with Chlamydia, gonorrhea and/or syphilis. Please contact our STD program staff for assistance: 425.339.5261.

Tuberculosis reporting

Patients with a first-time positive TB skin test need to follow up first with their healthcare provider. For patients who show signs and symptoms suspicious of active TB disease, report it to the Snohomish Health District Tuberculosis program at 425.339.5225.

How quickly do you need to call public health?

Once you confirm or suspect a notifiable disease or condition, the time-frame to report it is based on severity and risk. The Notifiable Conditions chart is coded to show how urgently you must contact public health:

  • Immediately reportable conditions (in bold) require a phone call to to speak directly with a Snohomish Health District nurse. Use our emergency number if it is after hours
  • Within 24 hours reportable conditions require a phone call to us during business hours or to our non-urgent reporting line
  • Within 3 business days reportable conditions can be reported by faxing us the appropriate disease Rreporting formules governing disease reporting

Snohomish Health District complies with state and federal guidelines on patient privacy. See our HIPAA Privacy Notice.  Washington Administrative Code 246-101 governs notifiable condition reporting. The federal HIPAA Privacy Rule permits certain entities to disclose protected health information, without authorization, to public health authorities, such as the Snohomish Health District, that are legally authorized to receive such information for the purpose of preventing or controlling disease, injury.

Contact us

Communicable Disease Surveillance & Response

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Disease reporting


After hours emergency


Reach a public health nurse 24-7 for immediate reporting

Non-Urgent Reporting Line


Record your message 24-hours a day

Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Did you know?

The Snohomish Health District has a 24-hour disease reporting hotline that helps monitor more than 60 communicable diseases in the community.