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Septic As-Built Records

The Snohomish Health District offers an online database of septic system records for properties in Snohomish County. These electronic records contain septic as-built drawings, system type, and in some cases notes on septic maintenance and other permit activity. “As-built” refers the drawing on file that shows where a drainfield (septic system) was installed on a particular piece of property.

To access as-built records, visit our DAVE database of septic records.

Septic as-builts FAQ

Who needs septic as-built information?

State law requires that homeowners inspect and maintain their septic system to ensure it is functioning properly. An as-built drawing shows the location of your drainfield, which is also useful for:

  • Property owners doing landscaping or building
  • Real estate professionals preparing for a purchase or sale
  • Septic professionals doing maintenance or repair

What information is in a record?

Information on each property record includes:

  • Year built
  • Legal description
  • Ownership and septic system status
  • Type and location of the drainfield installed on the property, if there is one

Where does the septic information come from?

In general, the only information included in DAVE is the as-built drawing, even though additional information on the property’s septic system may be on file at the Snohomish Health District offices. 

The "Property Site Information" and "Property Owner Information" sections are from the Snohomish County Assessor’s Office and are updated on a routine basis. The "DAVE" and "Comments" sections are entered by the Snohomish Health District Water & Wastewater program. Attached scans are from the district’s files. 

Why is it called DAVE?

Drainfield Awareness and Vital Education (DAVE) was the name of the Washington State Department of Ecology Grant that allowed the Snohomish Health District to organize and scan septic system files starting in the late 1990s.

For a more detailed information on using our database and as-built search tips, visit the DAVE FAQ page.

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Did you know?

The Snohomish Health District was the first local health jurisdiction in Washington to develop an electronic database for as-built records. Beginning in 1997, we began scanning as-built and permit records into the Drainfield As-Builts Viewed Electronically (DAVE) system. The system became available online to the public in 2006.